Donald Trump is the Opposite of Dwight Eisenhower


          In May 1953, right after Eisenhower became president, there were still millions of refugees from World War II washing around Europe. Henry Cabot Lodge had masterminded Eisenhower's election and was his Ambassador to the United Nations.


          According to Lodge's book As It Was: An inside view of Politics and Power in the '50s and '60s: "In a private conversation, the President said that a solution of Europe's refugee problem would be worth as much as several divisions in strengthening the West against the Communist threat. In order to show that the United States practiced what it preached, the President supported legislation to admit to the U.S. 240,000 people from Europe ABOVE THE QUOTA and asked me to try to persuade Senator Arthur V. Watkins (R., Utah), Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee, to introduce such a bill?" p. 63


          Trump, on the other hand, is trying to foment conflict in the Middle East by bombing Syria and pulling out of the Iran deal, cutting aid to the Palestinians and conceding to Israel all the points of contention with the Arabs while getting nothing in return from Israel that might promote peace. And Trump claims to be a great dealmaker. He is really a deal breaker. Then, instead of accommodating the refugees created by his belligerent acts, Trump wants to ban refugees altogether.

          Eisenhower was a general who used the power of the presidency to promote peace and stability. Trump is a draft dodger who is using the power of the presidency to create conflict and chaos. As the epigram from Khrushchev that opens this website says: "It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to start a war.  It takes a lot more to put an end to a war.  Fools can easily start wars, and wise men are left not knowing what to do."  Nikita S. Khrushchev, 1970

Watch the price of oil, the body count, and inflation soar.


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