Why Hillary Lost


            In Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, after paying homage to herself as a mother and grandmother, she said of her husband, "And Bill, that conversation we started in the law library 45 years ago is still going strong. It's lasted through good times that filled us with joy, and hard times that tested us. And I've even gotten a few words in along the way. On Tuesday night, I was so happy to see that my Explainer-in-Chief is still on the job."


          And this is where she lost the election. She never said she loved Bill. Had she said, "In spite of all the hardship and heartache, I love you." she would have connected with all the other women stuck in relationships with alcoholic, drug addicted or philandering spouses, JUST LIKE HERSELF, and she would have won in a landslide.


          Her lack of self-awareness, that Bill made her the mother she so extolled, that, but for him, no one would have ever heard of Hillary Rodham, that this nobody from Hope, Arkansas took this privileged snot from Park Ridge, Illinois and gave her an international reputation seems to have eluded her.


          And even in the little time she devoted to her husband, there is an insult "And I've even gotten a few words in along the way," and a reference to their professional partnership "Explainer-in-chief." If my wife spoke about me that way before the biggest television audience of her life, I would be sorely disappointed.


          Hillary made tons of other errors in the campaign, but she still managed to get almost 3 million more votes than Trump. Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that Hillary lost because of something about Hillary, not Comey, not the Russians, not her program, nothing but Hillary herself.


          And here is the real secret of Hillary. She is an idiot, another one of Bill's bimbo eruptions. She may have just the right combination of skills that fructified his own genius, but on her own she's a dolt. During one of the debates Hillary said that Trump did not have the temperament to be president and Trump said that if Hillary wasn't a woman, she wouldn't get 5%. They were both right.


           I have read three books about her campaign: Hacks by Donna Brazile, What Happened by Hillary Clinton, and Shattered by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. One of Hillary's laments in her book is that the Electoral College favors the small states. This is wrong. The 12 biggest states alone can elect a president. Only a person who has no understanding of the Electoral College can lose an election for president that they actually won. (And Al Gore can be included in that category.) For a more complete discussion of the effect of the Electoral College, see my article Another reason for Keeping the Electoral College...\Another Reason to Keep the Electoral College.htm

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